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Animal Art

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Eye-Catching, Unique Animal Photographs in Big Timber, MT

Discover Crazy Kritter Photoz, a one-of-a-kind supplier putting a twist on traditional animal photographs. Purchase one to display in your home or office, and you'll have a fun conversation piece that's sure to draw attention and compliments. There's a story behind every picture, and the special effects make them truly unique. Animal art is popular with people from all walks of life and makes a perfect gift.

I'm Karen McKibben, and I love my rustic, rural life and the freedom to capture unique animal photographs in Big Timber, MT. I hope you enjoy these original photographs of my animals, or you may even supply images of your own animals for the same, artistic effect. In every piece I create, I hope to evoke a unique combination of creative inspiration and the beauty that one can find in everyday life. 

I’m currently working on expanding my selection to feature even more subjects. In addition to the fascinating moments I share with all kinds of animals, I want to explore other elements of the natural world as part of a broader concept that gives you more to choose from. Check back soon for landscape and wildlife images.

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A New Way to See the World

My unique animal photographs are part of the connection I have with the magic of artistic photography. When audiences view one of my works, the goal is simple: to make them think about the way they look at the creatures and places around them. The elements that set my pieces apart from others include:

Blended Beauty -- Most art aspires to be beautiful, traditionally by closely replicating the natural aesthetics of the subject or by creating an interesting concept. My photos do both, imbuing my animals with an artistic touch that brushes the surreal, but maintains the simplicity and connection of being next to living animals.

Picture-Perfect Passion -- I care about what I do. My unique animal photographs feature the critters I care for, and they come from a genuine love for photography and editing.

A Touch of Fun -- As display pieces, I aim to make every photograph I sell one that’s worth talking about. With artistic sensibilities and no fear of having fun with what I do, I share more than my time, effort and interests: I give you a piece of what makes my life special, hoping that it does the same in yours.

Contact me for more information about my pieces. I proudly serve Big Timber, MT, and the surrounding areas. 

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