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horse paintings in big timber, mt

About Photographer

I'm photographer Karen McKibben, proud owner of Crazy Kritter Photoz. Read about my farm and the incredibly funny horse paintings in Big Timber, MT. I enjoy my animals so much that I want to share them with other people by taking pet portraits.

Horse Paintings in Big Timber, MT

Lovin' the Ranch Life

I own a ranch in Big Timber, MT, so I'm around cows, horses, and dogs all the time. And I'm always taking pictures of them. I run 180 head of cows, and several of them are hand-raised pets. They come up to me and stick their noses up to check me out. Such close proximity results in a lot of opportunities to get interesting photos. The younger ones are very curious. Their curiosity makes it easy to get fun shots of their faces, and they each have a different personality and expression. They are human-like in that way. I also photograph my horses and dogs. Animals are my world, and they're what I look at every day.

Four-Wheelin' With My Camera

I keep a camera with me when I'm four-wheeling around the farm, and I take pictures when something interesting happens. Farm life is cool, and I love taking pictures to share the unique things I see with other people. I think I view nature a little differently than most people, and it's easy to overlook the small things. When I notice something unusual, I feel I have to get a shot of it.

My Favorite Place

My favorite place to be is in the pasture with my cows and other animals. It really is a happy place that inspires me. I believe I have been very fortunate in my life, living with my animals out in the country. And my Crazy Kritter Photoz let you share that feeling too.

Picture Pricing Varies

I add special effects and tweaks to each photo to make them unique, and it's tons of fun. My photos cost about $60 for an average size, but pricing varies based on canvas size and framing options.

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